I'm a 32yr old tattoo artist, located in Genk,Belgium
The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.


While other boys wanted to become firemen or police officers, I focused on something less traditional.
becoming a tattoo artist


As a young teen, Tommy began a mission to follow his vision and to broaden his talents! While other boys wanted to become firemen or police officers, Tommy set his sights on something less traditional. He knew he wanted to be! A tattoo artist!!!

As an apprentice, Tommy had the opportunity to fine tune his skills in the art of tattooing. After a few years he realized he had outgrown being an apprentice and decided to take a huge step forward and would head out on his own. After countless hours of hard work and with the help of good friends, his vision became reality and Tattoo Studio Tommy was officially opened!!

Tommy soon realized that as your skills grow, so does your passion. His childhood vision had been fulfilled. His shop would stand for Art before Profit!! Every tattoo would be completed to the fullest of his capabilities, making sure that every tattoo is a work of art! Tommy’s philosophy ensures that every customer leaves his shop truly happy with the final result - their own personal body-art!!

The goal is to become better every day and to do that you must be open to ideas and suggestions! Input is gladly taken from the client as well as from other tattoo artists!! Tommy ensures that his customers feel comfortable by talking to them in a familiar way! People feel at home, and the entire process of tattooing is much more pleasant! The customer in the end is most important, which is the way that it should be. We look forward to meeting with you. To listen to your vision in the hope that together we can create a tattoo that will become our next work of art! Your personal masterpiece!!

Written by Kevin Javor and Ed Hooft.
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